The latest advancement in low-level light technology

Superior Design

The Contour Light® system presents a sleek, stylish, ergonomic design that is also functional for your practice.

A powerful device that’s easy to use

Contour Light® is easy to operate and requires minimal training for your staff. This means your staff can carry out treatments even when you’re not at your clinic, saving you time (no special qualifications required).

High-end technology

Your favorite weight loss assistant in one standalone device. The perfect profit center, all-in-one standalone device. Contour Light® produces the quick, natural-looking results you would expect from state-of-the-art Red Light technology with a streamlined design that perfectly complements your practice. The Contour Light® System’s soft, flexible pads allow you to treat from the rib cage to the lower thighs, front side, and backside, both upper arms, face, neck, and décolleté all in the same session.

What does the system include?

The 6-port controller

Custom cart

4 large body pads

2 pads for the upper arms

Face mask

3 posters (wall, countertop and stand-up/floor)

Pad slip-covers

Access to the online marketing program

Manual and warranty

1 free month of Contour Light® Marketing Program


More light is retained in the tissue due to the proprietary reflective coating on the Contour Light® pads. No other device has this feature.


We only trust our product with the best of the best manufacturing. Our product is proudly made in the United States with the highest quality components.


The 6 pads of the Contour Light® system will cover the average-sized patient with one placement of the pads; all other devices require multiple placements of their small light paddles, increasing the overall treatment time, operator time, and involvement.


The efficacy of mid-600nm and 880nm wavelengths depend on the amount of light delivered; Contour Light® emits far more light energy than any other similar device. The light is powerful enough to penetrate body fat but gentle enough for all skin types.


The system includes slip-covers for the pads with a bio-compatible clear sheet on the patient side that can be easily cleaned with a standard disinfecting wipe; a breathable mesh on the back side to allow any heat generated by the internal electronics to escape, and an integrated Velcro strip for a consistent delivery of light energy.


Contour Light® has a controller that is very easy to operate; you can adjust the treatment time from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, turn on/off the alarm chime, has a large timer readout and Start/Stop button. There are 6 connectors/ports on the front of the system for up to 6 pads and a face mask, all able to be operated simultaneously.


The Contour Light® treatment is easy to perform with its soft and flexible light arrays, which can be placed on or under the patient. The pads are designed to stay in place and offer a comfortable treatment experience. Unlike paddle-based devices, there is no need to frequently re-position, adjust, or roll the patient over during the process.

the perfect addition to your clinic

Compact yet powerful

The Contour Light® is the most compact system in its class, yet it’s powerful enough to treat patients of all sizes. This makes it ideal for use in various sized treatment rooms (even with limited space or staff).

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