About Us

About Contour Research

Contour Research, LLC, the manufacturer of the Contour Light system, is determined to provide system owners with a technology that delivers consistently outstanding results for their patients. To achieve this goal, the products offered by Contour Research are designed to maximize efficacy and reproducibility, culminating in high patient satisfaction and high patient referrals. We look forward to working with you and assisting you in your future success.

About The Creator

The designer and inventor of the Contour Light, Douglas Dreier, has an extensive background in electronics and aesthetic technologies. In the 90’s he was president of a computer electronics manufacturer that was featured on the Inc. Magazine 500 List two years in a row with annual sales of over $70 million. He then spent more than a decade working within the aesthetic industry representing a wide range of devices from microdermabrasion and skin care products, to lasers used for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, to liposuction devices used in the collection and processing of stem cells intended for various treatments such as joint rehabilitation and skin repair.

The concept of the Contour Light began to take shape in 2011 due to Mr. Dreier’s observation that the LED-based body contouring market was really lacking in both the ease of performing a treatment and achieving consistent outcomes. Systems that utilize paddles were the premier technology available at the time, but there are significant disadvantages associated with those devices and the idea of a “heating pad” design was an obviously logical solution. The result has been an overwhelming response from the wellness, aesthetic and weight-loss industry that has fully embraced the Contour Light System as the most advanced device available.